Vending Machines = A Simple $Cash$ Profit Business...

The Vending Machine Business can easily generate a $100,000/yearly income with a small Vending Route! 


My name is Max Woody and I've been in this business since 1995. I started with a few vending machines and turned it into a full time business within six months. I was looking for better ways to earn income than working a job.

My Vending Machines make money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

Vending machines provide an excellent way to earn a great income, even in today's economy. These machines have been around for a long time, well over 100 years now. As you can see, it's a proven business that works. Too many people waste lots of time and money chasing around other opportunities that just flat out don't work.

I've helped many people start their own Vending Businesses over the past several years by providing the right tools for the job and this is "Detailed Knowledge" that makes this business work. You see, at one time I was new to this business also. The only problem was the internet was new at the time and not much information was available then at the click of a mouse key.

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A Few Reasons Why You Should Own A Vending Business are listed below....

Excellent full or part time income!

Create big yearly tax deductions!

Little to no effect from the economy!

Start with little to no money!

It's flexible, you choose what hours to work!

Companies need your vending service!

Plenty of high volume accounts in your local area!

Not a franchise, you keep all the profits!

Customers will love the service you provide!

Can quickly turn it into a full time business!

A proven business that's over 100 years old!

High income potential compared to other businesses!

A few questions people often ask when starting a Vending Business....

*How to find the Best High Volume Locations?

*How do I set my business up and record keeping?

*What to say when talking to customers?

*How to offer the best prices?

*Choosing the best machines and where to get them?

*How to get 100% financing on new equipment?

*Buying vending supplies at lowest wholesale cost?

*What are the best selling vending items?

*How do I set my business up and record keeping?

*Should I use a software program to track sales?

*How to keep my customers happy?

I've been in this business since 1995 and still manage and operate it. I've put together a complete "Step by Step E-book Course" that will answer your questions and provide every detail you would ever need with this business. I even went a step further and provided information on exactly how to  boost sales in an existing vending business.

I've spent several months between running my own business and putting this information together. It "Explains Everything in Complete Detail," even from day one of setting your business up and choosing the best name for your company.

If you can follow simple instructions, "You will succeed with the information" in my course. That's how I've laid it out, in easy to understand steps that anyone can follow.

Attorney approved "Vending Contract is now Yours"....

What could be better than a "Guaranteed Income" with your business? You will also receive a detailed contract to use with your new accounts that will lock in your profits for years. No need to worry about the competition, or anyone stealing your business, because it will not happen with this contract. I've used the same contract since starting my business in 1995 and it works very well.

Get the best "High Volume Accounts" for your business, I will show you how....

This e-book course will teach you how to get the big accounts that generate the best income. A few of the larger accounts can easily generate over $100,000 a year in sales for your business. Most people get accounts without running the numbers and asking the right questions. You need to dig deep and find out the facts about companies you offer vending service to. I will show you exactly how to do this. I will also show you which companies to avoid.

Know exactly what to say and what questions to ask potential customers....

My course will also teach you how to talk with potential customers. Know what questions to ask, how to provide the best solution and how to present an offer that gets accepted. Companies looking for vending service have certain concerns and will normally ask many of the same questions. My course will teach you how to answer these questions like a pro. I will also show you how to zero in on their hot buttons and walk away with a signed contract.

Get the best "Vending Supplies" at the "Lowest Wholesale Cost"....

Learn where to buy the best vending supplies at the lowest cost. I will provide contact information on one of the largest vending supply companies in the US. This company can deliver vending supplies to just about any city coast to coast. They carry a complete line of vending items and will have just about anything your looking to sell from a vending machine. They even carry a large selection of fresh made pastries, including Jumbo Honey Buns, Cup Cakes, Apple Ugly Cakes, Texas Cinnamon Rolls, Pound Cakes and many more.

My e-book course will also show you how to locate even more wholesale suppliers in your local area that you can purchase through. These suppliers also carry a big selection of vending items. You will learn my little secrets to getting low discounted prices on all name brand soda. These low cost will provide you with excellent profit margins.

Learn how to Get started with "Little to No Money"....

Need to get started on a shoestring budget with little to no money? No problem, my e-book course will teach you this also. You will learn how to get your new machines financed with very little and many times no money out of pocket financing. This information along is worth many times more than the small cost of my e-book course. I will provide information on the same company I purchase my machines through.

If you would rather start out with used machines, then my course has that covered also.  You will learn how to use the internet and your local area to get the best rock bottom prices on used vending equipment. My course will also show you how to check these machines out before buying to make sure your getting good quality equipment.

A few of the techniques your e-book course will teach you....

How to set up your business from Day 1!

Setting up accounts, choosing the best business name!

Filing sales tax forms with your local state revenue office!

Picking out a work truck or using your present vehicle!

What to look for when finding the best high volume accounts!

How to talk with customers, what to say and what questions to ask!

Making offers that get accepted!

How to determine what prices to charge in your area!

Get financing on your machines with little to no money down!

Best ways to follow up with potential customers!

Techniques that will leave your competition sitting still!

Several strategies to use when picking up the big accounts that work very well!

The different types of machines and what options they offer!

How to offer the correct size machines for each account!

Where to buy supplies at the lowest wholesale cost!

How to bullet proof your business with contracts!

Several ways to track your business, including sales, expenses and profits!

Finding the best companies to purchase new and used equipment from!

How to get bargain deals on used machines in your local area!

Contact information on the same company I purchase equipment through!

How to troubleshoot machines and fix them quickly!

Tips on maintaining equipment for excellent service!

Effective ways to develop a refund policy that works!

Techniques for developing long lasting relationships with your customers!

The cold & frozen food machines and the best accounts to use them on!

The small candy & gumball machines and tips for making money with them!

Testimonials from others that purchased my "E-book Course"....

The information in this book is great. Unlike other books on the vending machine business, it provides up to date techniques that work. Finding the high volume accounts has been much better, thanks to the information in this book. I would definitely recommend it to others. Sincerely, Harrison H., Florida

I started with the idea of making some extra money. I first got into the small gumball machines and had twenty of them at different locations. I then got into the full size vending machine business and it was very profitable. I learned several new techniques from Mr. Woody's internet book, "Cash$ Profits in the Vending Machine Business". I've never ran across a vending start up book that's packed with this much detailed information on the vending business. Great Job & Thanks for the info., Doug B., Vending Business Owner, North Carolina

We found the information in Max Woody's e-book vending course to be very helpful in learning how to start a vending business. It's very straight and to the point and gives excellent step by step techniques to get this business started. This book will definitely save anyone both time and money when starting their own vending business. I would highly recommend it. Thank You Mr. Woody, Sharon & Rich R., California

I find your book extremely practical and helpful. I am also appreciative of your knowledgeable advice and prompt response to my questions. Your book is a must read for anyone starting out in the vending business. Thanks again for your help. Dylan L., California 

$Cash$ Profits in The Vending Machine Business....usa flag

"Handcrafted in The USA with Pride"

step by step vending ebook course

This e-book course "Will teach you Everything" you will ever need to know about starting and operating a vending machine business. I put every bit of knowledge I know about this business into this book. My reputation as a business person is on the line here. I want to make sure that you have every bit of information you will need to be successful in this business!

This e-book "Contains over 70 Pages" of straight to the point information that will take you by the hand and lead you step by step to starting and operating your own successful vending machine business!

Use it as a guide to better improve an existing business. If you take action on the strategies in this book, I promise that you will increase the profits of any vending business you currently own!

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vending machine contract agreementFree Bonus#1: My Vending Machine "Contract Agreement". This one page contract agreement is worth way more than the small cost of my e-book course. It will lock in your profits for years and keep your competition away. It's Attorney approved in all states. I've put this contract to the test several times. Believe me, it works very well. Load it into your word document, make the changes you need, print it out and your all set. I will provide the details on how to use this contract to secure your locations and bullet proof your business. A $100 Value, yours free with my e-book course!

secret tips to more vending business Free Bonus#2: My "Secret Tips" to getting all the business you can handle will put your business on over drive. In this report I will provide even more techniques you can use from day one to find plenty of high volume accounts. You will be amazed at how much business you will find this way and guess what, it's much closer than you think!

These little tips will blow your competition out of the water and put you well ahead of everyone else. I still use these same strategies to this day to expand my own business! A $19.95 Value!

double your sales in the vending business 

Free Bonus#3: "Double your sales with these amazing Techniques" will show you how to increase sales at your current locations. These are techniques I personally used on several of my own accounts and the they work very well. By making just a few of these adjustments, you will be impressed at the results!

By using these techniques, you can take a good account and make it even better. This report will show you every detail on how to make it happen and your customers will love you for it! A $19.95 Value!customer product survey form

Free Bonus#4: "Customer Product Survey Forms" are great to use with either new or existing customers. They make your job easy by finding out exactly what your customers want inside your vending machines.

This form contains a huge list of the best selling items people buy from vending machines. Just make copies and pass them out to your customers. They will check off the items they prefer. This makes stocking the machines much easier and more profitable. This form works great when signing up new customers. It's like offering them an added bonus and helps with signing up new accounts. A $4.95 Value!

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